Friday, 28 March 2008

Acute Gastroenteritis (Diarrhoea)

Dah 38 minggu aku peknen, so tinggal lagi beberapa minggu sbelom aku deliver Kurd, so far takde ape yg serious kecuali 'food poisoning' yang aku alami 2-3 ari lepas. Masuk yang tu dah 2 kali aku kene sepanjang aku peknen ni, walhal sblom ni jarang skali aku kene 'Acute Gastro Enteritis (Diarrhoea)' tapi bile tyme peknen ni kene mmg suffer sgt, tak larat aku duduk dalam tandas ... 'cherry berry' every 1/2hour, mak datuk rase nak pensan dlm toilet and some more ase nk roboh mangkuk tandas tuh... the reason why aku kene, aku pon tak sure sbb aku ngan huby makan bende yang sama tapi he just fine... so do Nesha, both 'em ok jek! Angin dalam perut jgn citer lah , berkeroh2 bunyinyer... apelah nasib Kurd duk dalam womb tuh aku takut dia berpusing2 je, smapai tebalik kepala kat atas lak... mintak2 jgn lah.. so far doc kata elok je kepala kt bawah.

Early April aku planned nk start cuti, mean from the date aku ade lagi lebih kurang 1week sblom EDD, kalo dapat besalin 8-04-2008 cun gak kan...heheheh! tapi ape2 aku tak mo fikir byk sgt, kene calm down and berharap its goes naturally.

Aku still amek Salindah B4, tapi suppose aku dah tukar ke B5, aku mmg tak berdisplin bab2 makan ubat nih.. alamak belasah je lah asal makan...

Produk Kandungan Masa penggunaan Cara pengambilan / penggunaan
B 1 336 biji mulai minggu 12 (bulan 3) 2 biji 2 kali sehari
B 2 120 biji mulai minggu 24 (bulan 6) 2 biji 2 kali sehari
B 3 336 biji mulai minggu 28 (bulan 7) 2 biji 2 kali sehari
B 4 30 biji 4 minggu (1 bulan) sebelum dijangka bersalin 1 biji sehari
B 5 84 biji 2 minggu sebelum dijangka bersalin 2 biji 3 kali sehari
B 6 30 biji 1 minggu sebelum dijangka bersalin 1 biji sehari (Bila sakit, ambil 1 biji setiap 15 minit)
L 7 30 ml penggunaan luaran basahkan kapas, lekap pada luka dan pusat bayi
L 8 30 biji mulai 5 jam selepas bersalin 1 biji setiap jam
L 9 16 biji mulai dari hari ke 2 bersalin 1 biji 4 kali sehari
L 10 96 biji mulai dari hari ke 6 bersalin 2 biji 3 kali sehari
L 11 220 ml mulai dari hari ke 7 bersalin 2 sudu 3 kali sehari sebelum makan.
L 12 96 biji mulai dari hari ke 21 bersalin 2 biji 2 kali sehari

Manfaat pil Salindah B5 dan B6 yang aku dah terlambat amek tuh... balik kang kene trus tukar nih... kalo tak membazir jer segala ubat2 tuh....

B 5

Remedi ini melanjutkan tindakan B4, mengendur dan menganjalkan otot pencerut saluran peranakan dan memberi daya teranan labour sewaktu bersalin.



B 6

Berguna untuk menguatkan teranan, menolong mengurangkan sakit sewaktu bersalin, mempercepat dan mempermudahkan kelahiran, membuka luas saluran peranakan dan mengurangkan sakit selepas bersalin.

Tuesday, 25 March 2008 and more coffee...

Huhu saja nak sharing some info... about drank coffee..

Me my self was a coffee addict, aku mmg suka sangat minum kopi.Coffee panas, sejuk pon suka gak tak kire coffee ape pon aku mmg sukoo sgt... maybe sbb mak aku coffee addict gak kut, so ter'influenced' lah ni.Brew coffee, black coffee, coffee latte.. mmg sedap dilayan... my huby pon suko gilos num coffee anything yg coffee base dia sure hantam cam cappuccino, mocha's sume tu fav dia, ha tak ketinggalan gak Java chips...(huhu anak jawe le katakan) but my huby side lak family dia tak num kopi, malah jarang sekali membancuh kopi... in others words kopi pon jarang jumpe dalam rumah mil, maybe he was influenced by me...hahahahah!

Tapi skang ni time aku tgh peknen ni, aku semakin addict ngan coffee at least 1 cup per day, sure aku bantai punye.. mostly waktu lunch aku bantai kopi 'o' ice.. huhu tolong lah itam lak anak aku nanti... acely takut gak sbb ade org kate num coffee tak baik time ngandung ni and ubat Salindah B4 yg aku tgh amek tu pon ade tulis amaran : Jangan minum minuman berkafien dan bergas. tapi dah dekat hujung2 ni air berkafien tu lah idaman aku...

so here some what expert says bout coffee during pregnancy....

Q:Is it safe to have my morning cup of coffee during pregnancy?
A #1:

Lewis Holmes, professor of pediatrics, Harvard Medical School; chief of Genetics & Teratology Unit, MassGeneral Hospital for Children, Boston

Yes. We did a very extensive study a few years ago in which we enrolled women very early in pregnancy; we found no effects on the fetus when you drink up to three cups of coffee a day; very few women drank more than that. That's the best study I know of. We can only say for sure that the first three cups are safe, but since we know up to three cups is fine, we can assume you'd have to consume a lot more than that to cause problems.


Ronald Ruggiero, clinical professor in the departments of pharmacy and medicine, University of California, San Francisco, CA

Yes, a morning cup of coffee won't hurt anyone. I generally recommend decaffeinated products, but if you must have caffeine, then don't have more than three cups a day. That's the limit because in studies of dairy cattle, when pregnant cows were given more than that dose, their calves were born smaller. And too much caffeine cuts down on blood flow to the placenta, and you don't want to do that because the baby won't be getting as much oxygen or as many nutrients. But in moderate amounts, caffeine poses no measurable risk to the fetus.

Article from Internet

This study reports an association between spontaneous abortions, primarily in the second trimester, and unusually high levels of consumption of caffeine, equivalent to more than six cups of coffee a day. Unlike previous studies, in which exposure was estimated from the women's reports of the amount of caffeinated beverages they consumed, this study used a biologic marker of caffeine intake, the levels of the caffeine metabolite paraxanthine in serum, to estimate exposure.

Paraxanthine stays in the blood at more consistent levels than caffeine, so researchers consider it a good measure of daily caffeine consumption. Besides coffee, tea, soft drinks and chocolate contain caffeine.

The most obvious effects of caffeine in nonpregnant adults are cardiovascular and neurobehavioral. Knowledge of the effects of caffeine on the nervous system dates back centuries, to the time when Ethiopian shepherds noticed that their sheep stayed awake all night after grazing on wild coffee cherries. In fact, caffeine is the most widely consumed behaviorally active substance in the world, with the U.S. per capita consumption at nearly 3.5 kg of coffee per year, or more than 150 mg of caffeine per day.

Caffeine, like nicotine, albeit to a lesser extent, meets some of the criteria of the World Health Organization and the American Psychiatric Association for a drug of dependence and acts on the dopamine system in the same way as amphetamines and cocaine. Caffeine and its metabolites are known to cross the blood-brain barrier readily in adults and fetuses alike.

Intake of caffeine during pregnancy or the early postnatal period would be expected to have similar or more profound cardiovascular and neurobehavioral effects on fetuses and infants than on the caffeine-consuming mothers.

This is because of caffeine's ready passage through the placenta, its presence in breast milk, and its increasing half-life during pregnancy (up to 11 hours late in pregnancy) and in infants (up to 100 hours), the smaller body mass of fetuses and infants, and the inability of the fetus and neonate to detoxify caffeine.

Changes in fetal heart rate and breathing patterns have been noticed even when maternal intake of caffeine is moderate and when it has no apparent effects on the mother.

In animals, in utero or early postnatal exposure to moderate-to-high doses of caffeine has been associated with decreased brain weight and alterations in brain development and in learning and memory, and it has been associated with an increased incidence of apnea in adult rats. Unfortunately, the results of the few studies of the neurobehavioral effects in children after in utero or early postnatal exposure are conflicting.

There may be subgroups of pregnant women and children who are particularly susceptible to the effects of caffeine. Usually, legal regulation of allowable levels of exposure to a chemical includes a safety factor of 10 to 100 when data are extrapolated from animals to humans, in order to protect the most susceptible.

However, many of the effects of caffeine in animals occur after doses that are within the range of human consumption, once metabolic differences among species are taken into account. Several factors alter susceptibility to the effects of caffeine, including exposure to other substances. For example, the half-life of caffeine is halved in smokers and doubled in women taking oral contraceptives.

Caffeine may increase the cancer causing potential and other adverse effects of substances such as alcohol, nicotine, and certain drugs. Also, infants with poor nutritional status may be particularly vulnerable to the neurochemical and concomitant neurobehavioral effects of caffeine.

Given these considerations, what is the appropriate course of action for clinicians and policy makers? In 1981, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advised pregnant women to "avoid caffeine-containing foods and drugs, if possible, or consume them only sparingly."

This advisory has not percolated down to the general population. And no advisories have targeted breast-feeding women or parents of young children. In part because of our own dependence on our morning cup of coffee, and because of our inability to find strong associations with effects on health in humans, we have accepted that more than 75 percent of pregnant women consume caffeinated beverages.

In 1997, the Center for Science in the Public Interest petitioned the FDA to require that caffeine content be disclosed on food labels, but Congress has not yet acted. Food labeling is an appropriate first step in educating the public and should be undertaken. In the meantime, health care providers should continue to counsel women who are pregnant or breast-feeding to limit their caffeine intake.

Monday, 24 March 2008

My final checklist

Today my 38weeks of pregnancy, alhamdulillah check up tadi sumer ok Hb pon over 11, tekanan darah ok berat badan ok and the most important baby heart beat ok and sehat, ari ni dia tendang mid wife lagi... huhuhh nakal yer Kurd mama nih!!! so next visit is on 31March,2008.

As advice by the doc i should rest more due to my history of C-sect, aku kene kumpul tenaga and berusaha tuk besalin secara normal... for me, aku pon tak hingin nak C-sect lagi, sakit lah sangat, nak jaga pon payah... better normal kut even sakit tapi x teruk cam C-sect. lagipon C-sect ni riskier than a vaginal delivery sebab mom akan terdedah kepada infections ,excessive bleeding, blood clots, more postpartum pain, a longer hospital stay, and a significantly longer recovery. suppose pon aku kene gap kan within 2-3 years before next pregnancy tapi skang anak aku dah 2 tahun lebih aku da nak besalin kan Kurd lak.. mmg doc. ade ceramah2 skit tapi kalo dah rezeki nak cakap pe???? huish....

Skang ni tinggal persiapan sebelom Kurd dilahirkan kedunia ni... semoga Allah permudahkan jalan for both aku and Kurd, semoga he can safely delivered and see Mama , Papa and Necha.
so far barang2 basic sumer dah prepared cam layettes aku beli basic je dulu, tak mo lah beli lebih2 cam tyme Nesha pastu ade yg x pakai.. (tu x pe lagi) mase Nesha dulu belom pon abis pantang aku dah kuar pi shopping baju dia, sbb ade baju yg besar dia x muat nk pakai, so rase boring ngan baju yg ade pi lah kuar beli baju lagi...
so lesson from the past, aku malas nk beli manyak sgt sbb sure finally aku akan kuar pi beli lagi....hahahah caiga aku ni!

Here is the checklist

For Kurd baby,

- Baju newborn x 4 helai
- Baju utk keluar hospital (baju cantik sikit) x 1 set
- Smitten & booties
- Hat
- Towel x 2
- Diapers, wipes & kleenex tissue
- Receiving blanket & blanket
- Napkin
- Feeding bottle (sebab takut susu belum keluar)
- Milk powder
- Breast pump

For Me,
- Berus gigi, sabun cuci muka, slipper, sikiat, powder & towel, maternity pad
- Stokin, baju panas, kain batik & baju button depan
- minyak hijau/mana-mana minyak yang rasa boleh panaskan badan
- Qur'an, Camera, cam-coder (utk buat wayang anak lahir) dvd player (boleh tengok wayang bila mata tak mengantuk)
- Kurma, Biskut, Susu tepung, Hot water, Cold water, Mug, Teaspoon, tablespoon, pisau, mangkuk
- Plastik sampah utk isi baju kotor.

- Nursing pillow
- Baby Oil
- Air selusuh

Monday, 17 March 2008

My progresss

welcome to my house

Rasenye dah lame tak pi jenguk tapak rumah aku yang terletak kat Jalan Kasban Taman Meru Aman, Klang so last saturday we headed to Meru to enjoy Nasik Ayam sedap Rm2.00 kat area tu sambil2 pi tgk site progress... tak saba asenyer nk masuk ....
so far x banyak perubahan since our last visit January dulu... stil takde pagar.... refuse chamber pon x proper lagi... jalan pon x turap lagi.... eceh bile nk siap ni...!!!!

mase we all smpai kt site tu ade lah org tgh kerja, korek2 tanah bagai... tak tau lah nk siap bila, lom kire period nk kuar CF lagi waduhhhh penyiksaan tul lah....
but umah aku mmg cute..Semi-D link house... yg paling best aku duk atas tanah instead of duk atas bumbung org lain...(apartment) heheheh x sabar wehhhh...... dah berangan nk gardening ...!!!

painting with my fav color ijau... yummy

comeii nye umah aku...

Rumah ni dibangunan kan di bawah Kumpulan Lebar Daun... quite a big name in construction gak tapi tatau la kan so far , from my observation design Lebar Daun ni x ler cun sangat .... can do lah.. price lak.. ermm pun can do lah nak ckp murah tu edak le kan but affordable lah for us tapi sbb dia Semi Detach link house aku mmg suka bangat... from my reading pon cakap lebey baik beli umah semi-d rather than terrace (kalo ade budget lah) alhamdulillah finally we all dpt gak semi-d ni yelah interm of name pun dah Semi-D, so got name got price ler!!! acehhhh

Land Area rumah ini approx: 35' x 88' / 89' cointain 4 bedrooms and 2 bathroom
and the most i like...dia atas tanah!!! yeehahaa!!! oopss Alhamdulillah...
mintak2 cepatlah segala proses CF bagai and hopefully semua berjalan lancar... insyaAllah 4 of us leh mendiami umah baru ini tahun ini jugak... A

Place of birth....Hospital Sg Buloh

Alhamdulillah still alive and still blom besalin lagi.....

14 March, aritu pi check up cam biasa kat Klinik Komuniti Sg. Boluh as appoint aritu kene jumpe doctor pas doctor check dia suh aku gi refer ke Hospital Sg. Buloh lak...its a normal prosedure bagi mum yang ade history of C-sec cam aku...!!! but the nurse said biasanya pi je sepital tapi dia akan bg appointment date tuk jumpe Pakar Obstetik n Ginekologi nye nanti...

Drive head to Hospital Sg. Buloh... wow nice design of sepital x macam sepital klang yang bertaraf 'international' tu bak kate huby aku (sebab terlalu ramai indon ase cam x selesa lah...)
interm of designcun lah roof dia ade feature futuristic skit tapi ade byk sgt entrance sampai mengagau aku nk carik pintu masuk ke Klinik Pakar.... but at last jumpe gak Klinik Pakar Obstetrik &Ginekologi.